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The incidents of domestic violence against Hispanic women have continued to increase.  Recent federal legislation has opened new and safer avenues to immigration status who are victims of domestic violence, abuse is still a major issue for immigrant women. It is recognized that immigrant women are at higher risk for domestic violence due to their immigration status. They face an increasingly difficult time escaping abuse.  Immigrant women often feel trapped in abusive relationships because of the intimidation used by their abusers regarding immigration laws; often there significant language barriers, imposed social isolation, and lack of financial resources.   While we have come a long way in recognizing and addressing the needs of women victims of domestic violence as there still remains a massive gap between funding and call for adequate services. As more and more women search to escape from life threatening situations, it is imperative that we develop ways to meet their needs.   We hope to accomplish in this in a pioneering mission as we begin the process of healing and recovery.  Addressing the two most important steps in recovery; by allowing women to break the silence (the first step in moving from abuse) and to know they are not alone (breaking the isolation).  This organization will provide support to women who are moving from an abusive relationship should they decide to leave or stay. For additional information:  info@latinasafehouse.org Thank you

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Friday, June 23rd - Broken Tee


Comadres Unidas - Support Group

Thursday's, 2017 - for more information or to register:  supportgroup@latinasafehouse.org

Healing from Domestic Violence

Addressing the two most important steps in recovery
  • By allowing women to break the silence
  • By breaking the isolation - they are not alone
COMADRES UNIDAS provides support to Latinas who are moving from an abusive relationship should they decide to leave or stay. Call for more information: 303-433-4470 Limited Seating - register:  supportgroup@latinasafehouse.org support-group-flyer-2017-2docx


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Latina Safehouse PO Box 11174 Denver, CO 80211 (303) 433-4470 info@latinasafehouse.org Latina Safehouse 303-433-4470  Family Tree 303-420-6752.ribbon Latina Safehouse is committed to offering supportive Domestic Violence services, advocacy and education, preserving the rights of all women.   We continue to seek your support.  Please join us at our events or click the donate button below.  Thank you
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