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In 2003, as the rise of Latina Immigrants in the Denver area increased, so did the climb in Domestic Violence in the Latino community.

A place for referrals for Spanish speaking Latina victims of Domestic Violence was nonexistent. Sr. Alicia Cuaron of Centro San Jose, a center offering services to the immigrant community initiated a meeting to develop a plan for the creation of a safe house for immigrant Latinas. A net was cast for wider representatives, civil leaders, religious sector, and the Office of the Mexican Consulate.

Meeting regularly, a concept paper was written to define the model and plan of action. The late Lupe Serrano founder of Casa De Esperanza in St. Paul, Minnesota agreed to come to Denver in 2004 and conducted a workshop for Domestic Violence Advocates and Latina safehouse committee members.

This laid the foundation for the infrastructure and cultural indicators for the future Latina safehouse. To raise awareness of the critical issues surrounding Domestic Violence in the Latino community, a commemorative pin and women's group titled "Caminando Juntas", was designed and developed.

Over the years, Latina safehouse has been an all volunteer effort in planning and strategizing on how to best provide life saving support for Latina Immigrants. Once fully developed, LSH will respond to the needs of Latina Domestic Violence survivors with safety, shelter, and self-sufficiency through a comprehensive continuum of care and community collaboration.


With continued Gratitude to the Founding Mothers                         Special Mentions           

Sr. Alicia Cuaron                                                                                    Ana Soler

Sr. Carmen Aranda                                                                                Deborah Ortega

Letiza Calzada  Mexican Consulate                                                       Diego Hunt

Marcela De La Mar  Office of Mexican Consulate                                  Millie Duran

Gina Del Castillo

Benita Muniz

Katie Garcia