Safety When Preparing To Leave

Open a savings account and/or credit card in your own name to start to establish your independence.

Get your own post office box. You can privately receive checks and mail..

Leave money, an extra set of keys, copies of important documents, extra medicines and clothes with someone you trust so you can leave quickly.

Determine who would be able to let you stay with them or loan you some money.

Keep the shelter or hot-line phone number in possession, keep coins or calling card for emergency calls.

Safety On The Job And In The Public

Decide who at work you will inform of your situation. This should include building security. Provide a picture of your abuser if possible.

Inform your children's school, daycare, etc., about who has permission to pick-up your children.

Arrange to have an answering machine, caller ID, or a friend or relative                                                                                      to screen your calls.

                                                                                 Devise a safety plan for when you leave work. Have someone escort you                                                                                  to your car or bus.